Cyber-Wing and Nopony


Thank you for 70+ Followers! A few weeks ago I asked for some requests for this wonderful little event of mine. While I only received a few I did my best to draw them!

antasartcorner  asked for a drawing of one of their OCs. I chose the ever interesting Neigh Gnaw. I hope you like how he turned out as much as I did! I’d say my favorite part was trying to make the feather colors blend like they did in the image… I think I did a good job.

cyber-wing asked for a genderswapped version of TinkerGlide and CyberWing. I had a little brainstorming to do to figure out a reaction to the genderswap for Tinker. (S)he’s very confused and a bit scared obviously seeing how CyberWing has (her)him trapped against a wall.

asknealmischief asked for a drawing of himself but seeing as that turned into a slue of tomfoolery between the two of us on Skype with speedy drawing responses I won’t post that. xD Unless someone wants to actually see it. ((Hint Hint: I drew him as an emo haired Rooster. ;D ))

Hey there Cutie, let’s try out our new … gear. XD

((Of course he means the mechanic wings, what did you think? ^^ S(he) will stay true to Nopony.

Wow, I love it!! Thanks for this!
I especially love her mane. Next time I draw CyberWing, I will use that style.))


Frame 1: Hurting others shouldn’t have been the answer, CyberWing.

Frame 2: Despite my loneliness,  Despite my anger…

Frame 3: I tried to focus my time on other more important things.

Mod Spot: To be honest this took way to long to complete. On my computer right now I have 3 updates started, one of which is the follower update with all of the requests of received, but still. Finally, I have this one done. This question actually opens up for a few others I’ve kept safe to use at the right time. So watch out Tumblr! It’s going to be great. Anyways, thank you for all of your patience and understanding.

I’m still looking for requests, please see the update below this one for guidelines. :3

As always your questions are welcomed.

I’m so happy to see you being integrated into society although you had a similar wing problem than me. For me, I only got 2 true friends in my life. I killed one and now only Nopony is left…

I don’t hurt or kill them directly. I design and invent implants and modifications. The Facility-Unicorns build them and implant them. So I kill and hurt ponies with my blueprints…

But every step into the future and improvement comes at a price.

The test-subjects pay it to the Facility
and the Facility pays me.

((For his parents, Cyberwing was a disgrace, a freak. They where very conservative. A Pegasus needs to be a great flyer and fighter.
Damn, I really want to show you more about my OCs via drawings. But probably I will reveal some things about them in text posts like this one.

If you want to have more Updates go follow tinker-glide.
Cyberwing could have had a similar life, maybe if he was born as a mare…))

Pew, what a relieve!!

But I’m also very happy to hear that Nopony and I are able to get children if we wish to have one. With my implants and live-support-systems we could keep our baby ali… Well… guess we need a lot more thoughts on that…

When we found out that the hive was the highest treat to our relationship, we moved into a hideout near Canterlot as changelings seem to evade that place since the attack.

I’m glad we haven’t been found jet thanks to my Hive Mind Jammer.

((Thx!! This means a lot to me!

As so many artists are vectoring, I tried to create my own style. Thing is that I don’t have a drawpad or tablet, so I draw with my mouse…

I love my OCs and got so many stories to tell about them. I really want to update it more often, but studying and sports come before drawing.

So, it would be awesome to find an artist, who is ready to cooperate with me to make a great tumblr out of this.))


cyber-wing, lunaepona, anonymous

(( Featuring (a badly drawn) Zeke from askthe-bartender as Tryp’s transformation example! ))

Cyberwing: So, you are more like pure light/magical creatures, that manifest in a material form. That explains why you need magical food, like love more than normal food. While the form of a changeling is the one that needs the least energy or is the one with the most advantages. So, theoretically you can change into anything material, undetermined of color, size, form and actual matter. That means you can change how you look and feel like. And as the smell and the taste are governed by particles that peel away from the body, you can even change them. But, the nearer the form is to a changeling, the easier it is to change into it.  Is that correct?

Nopony *totally confused*: Ehm… yeeeaaahh… kinda…

((Thanks Tryp, I totally like that idea. It makes me even more happy to have a Changeling as my OC.))


Wow. I’m left speechless. I never imagined that I’d make it to a thousand followers. I can’t thank you enough!

Here’s Part One of the 1000 post. Which, granted, should’ve been the 900 post.  Hope you guys like them!

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And congrats to fineilldothis for being number 1000!

Yay, awesome!

Paper styled Cyberwing, looks great.

Thanks a lot!


From the Livestream Test


I always wanted tetra to draw my OC in his livestreams, but I never won my request…
Inspired by him, I draw my OC by myself, starting Cyberwings story.

Finally he and his friend draw Cyberwing! Yay, thx]

Meeting Nopony 2of2

And that is how Nopony got her name and how our relationship started.

Ponies in Derbyshire wondered why this social shy Cyberwing always brings along different mares every day. So we moved to Manehattan before ponies or the Cyborg-facility found out about Nopony.

Meeting Nopony 1of2

This is how I met Nopony. She just crashed in the forest, after she was pushed away from the royal wedding. Noponys mission was to spy on the mane 6 ever since Nightmare moon was defeated by the elements of harmony.

I’m glad I found her before the unicorns from the “Cyborg facility” found her.


Fun times

Damn, now the queen is probably after us…I need to finish my work on the interfering field for the Hive Mind!
Nopony, we are looking for a new hideout! I’m not going to lose you!
Snatch and Grab seem to be very nice, and I can totally understand their work as I used to be a filly/colt-napper, too.


Fun times

Damn, now the queen is probably after us…
I need to finish my work on the interfering field for the Hive Mind!

Nopony, we are looking for a new hideout! I’m not going to lose you!

Snatch and Grab seem to be very nice, and I can totally understand their work as I used to be a filly/colt-napper, too.